WhatsApp Integration makes it easy for your AI Assistant to connect with WhatsApp, a popular messaging app.

Once set up, people can chat with your AI Assistant by sending messages to your WhatsApp Number.


To setup WhatsApp Integration you will need 4 pieces of information from your Meta Developer Dashboard


Webhook Callback URL

WhatsApp uses the webhook callback URL to communicate to BotStacks.


Webhook Verify Token

BotStacks checks the webhook verify token to make sure it’s the right connection with WhatsApp.


WhatsApp Token

BotStacks uses the WhatsApp token to confirm with WhatsApp when sending responses from the AI Assistant.


WhatsApp Phone Number ID

The WhatsApp phone number ID tells WhatsApp which phone number BotStacks is using to reply to the user.

Setting up the WhatsApp integration

1) Create an App

Visit developers.facebook.com/apps and create your app by clicking the Create App button

Choose Other as the use case for your app

Choose Business as the app type

Give a Name and Contact Email for your app

2) Setup WhatsApp

After you have created your app, you will be taken to the Meta Developer dashboard. From the dashboard click the setup option on WhatsApp

Choose your Meta Business Account and click continue

Once you have selected your Meta Business Account, you will be taken to the Quickstart page of WhatsApp. Click the button Start using the API

3) Setup Webhook

After you have clicked the Start using the API button, you will be taken to the Configurations page. From here you have to Edit the Webhook settings by clicking the Edit button

On the Webhook Edit menu, you have to enter a Callback URL and Verify Token which will be found on Integration page on the Botstacks Assistant Designer.

After you have entered the Callback URL and Verify Token, you have to change your app mode from Development to Live

Now you have to edit the Webhook Fields by clicking the Manage button

Enable Messages by clicking the checkbox. This will make WhatsApp to send the user message to Botstacks.

4) Generate Access Token

Now you have to enter your Permanent WhatsApp Token and WhatsApp Phone Number ID on Botstacks

You can find the Phone Number ID from the API Setup page on Meta Developer dashboard.

Phone Number ID is different from your phone number. The phone number ID will be 15 digits and your phone number will be 10 digits

You can get your Permanent WhatsApp Token from here

You have to use your Permanent WhatsApp Token because the Temporary Token shown on API Setup page will expire whenever you refresh your browser tab.

Once you have added your Permanent WhatsApp Token and WhatsApp Phone Number ID on Botstacks, it will show you as Connected on the Integrations page.

From now on, your AI Assistant will respond to the messages people send to your WhatsApp Number.