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Bot Stack

A Bot Stack represents one Assistant. When you visit the dashboard, you’ll find a list of all your Bot Stacks.

There are two ways to create a Bot Stack:

  1. Create a New Bot Stack from scratch.
  2. Use a template.

This guide is intended to walk you through the process of creating a new bot stack from scratch. If you prefer using templates, simply select the template you want from the dashboard.

To create a new bot stack from scratch:

In your dashboard, click on the “New Bot Stack” option located at the top right corner.

When you create a new Bot Stack, a pop up window will ask you to enter a name for your Bot Stack. You can change this name later without affecting your assistant in any way; it’s just for your reference on the dashboard.

Once you’ve created the Bot Stack, you’ll be taken to the Assistant Designer, where you’ll start building your AI Assistant.

Now you can proceed to the next chapter, which covers how to add your own data for the Assistant to use as Knowledge Bases.