July 04, 2024

~ New: Multimodal (usable from the sandbox, webchat, and api)

~ Bug Fix: Various fixes for ai workflows

June 27, 2024

~ New: Transcript filtering: filter by version, time, archived, resolved

~ New: Anthropic Claude 3.5 AI model

~ New: Added 2 new assert types for testing suite (distance and cosine) You can now test similarities between messages for more resilient tests of llm output

~ New: Use wildcards in webchat whitelist setting (you can now allow your entire site with a single address like https://botstacks.ai/*)

~ Improvement: Improved layout of BYOM llm panel

~ Improvement: Major performance improvement for the sandbox (many users were reporting a slow sandbox)

~ Bug Fix: Sending invite emails not working

June 22, 2024

~ New: Baked-in “user_id” variable in canvas (mostly useful for api integrations)

~ Improvement: Integration marketplace UI updates (newest designs)

~ Bug Fix: Fixed issue with llm nodes and escaping json objects

June 17, 2024

~ Improvement: Deprecated gpt-3.5-turbo-instruct model

~ Improvement: Integration icons updated

June 12, 2024

~ New: Integration marketplace

~ New: Testing feature - “build, test, and ship production ready/resilient AI agents”

~ New: Sandbox tracing - “see whats happening behind the scenes in the sandox for easier debugging”

~ New: Attachments capability added in sandbox

~ Improvement: AI token consumption changes - drastically decreases token consumption and thus price of AI tokens

~ Improvement: Input field update for sandbox

~ Improvement: UI Update darker colors/theme

~ Bug Fix: Workspace create limit bug

~ Bug Fix: Botstack create limit bug for pro+ plans

~ Bug Fix: Web widget preventing screen reload on enter key

~ Bug Fix: 70% token consumption email sending at 25%

June 7, 2024

~ New: Meta Messenger integration

~ New: Cohere AI models

~ New: Searchable llm model dropdown

~ Bug Fix: content page scrolling fix

May 23, 2024

~ New: 30% off for 3 months for trial to pro/pro+ upgrade

~ Bug Fix: Fixed issue that prevented upgrade while on trial

~ Bug Fix: Create account submit on enter

May 18, 2024

~ New: Baked in last_kb_response_sources variable

  • allowing access to reserved/baked-in variables such as chat_history, botstack_last_utterance, and last_kb_response_sources

May 17, 2024

~ New: Condition node

~ New: Upgrade card in navbar always shows for starter plans

~ Bug Fix: Fixed drop target when connection nodes from nodes that have multiple outputs/routes

May 15, 2024

~ New: OpenAI GPT 4-o model

~ Improvement: Improvement for models w/ knowledge base when dealing with non-questions

May 12, 2024

~ New: Email verification to create new accounts

~ New: Send token overage emails to all admins

~ Bug Fix: Missing mistral models

~ Bug Fix: Knowledge Base preview usability fixes

May 05, 2024

~ New: Slack integration

~ New: Ability to edit intents

~ New: Delete confirmation for deleting intents, variables, and kb sources

~ Improvement: Updated pricing structure to require pro+ plan for all integrations

May 01, 2024

~ New: Bring Your Own LLM Model

~ Improvement: Web widget UI enhancement

Apr 27, 2024

~ Improvement: Botstack widget optimization

  • JS bundle down 86%!!! Now 565kb vs 4.17mb
  • CSS bundle down 70%! Now 9kb vs 44kb
  • Bot messages, typing, and conversational data sending as minimal amount of data as possible

Apr 19, 2024

~ Bug Fix: Create assistant from template (or Learn Botstacks tutorial) not working

Apr 19, 2024

~ Improvement: Usage period in billing screen update for non-monthly plans (your period now correctly reflects the usage period rather than the billing cycle being a full year)

~ Bug Fix: Usability fix for connecting nodes (you can drop a connection anywhere on a node in order to connect it)

Apr 19, 2024

~ New: Transcripts feature

~ Bug Fix: Variable injection

Apr 06, 2024

~ New: 2FA support

~ New: Mistral AI Models support

~ New: Content page housing kb sources, intents, and variables

~ Improvement: Upgrade/manage plan UI overhaul

~ Improvement: Pricing model changes - Starter/Pro/Pro+

~ Improvement: Pricing tier paywalls / click to upgrade options

~ Bug Fix: Collaboration comments not working

~ Bug Fix: Chat input field ui bug

~ Bug Fix: Token threshold email not sending

Mar 29, 2024

~ New: Discord Integration

~ New: Anthropic Claude 3 Haiku model

~ New: Theme picker for web widget

~ New: End conversation support (button to start new conversation)

~ New: Error details of API node to sandbox

~ New: 70% AI token used alert email

~ New: AI tokens exhausted notification email

~ New: AI response supports lists, bold, italics, etc

~ Improvement: Updated knowledge source limts per plan

~ Improvement: Web widget dashboard UI updates

~ Improvement: Web widget default values (fixes inability to load widget if user never saved configs)

~ Bug Fix: API node shows error when header key is blank

Mar 20, 2024

~ Improvement: UI updates match login/signup screens

~ Bug Fix: AI token showing wrong amount on trial accounts

~ Bug Fix: Password reset not working

Mar 19, 2024

~ New: Google Gemini new AI Model

~ Improvement: Smoother collaboration movement of nodes and cursors

~ Improvement: Getting started guide module updates

~ Improvement: LLM node model dropdown UI updates

~ Bug Fix: Knowledge base preview not working

Mar 10, 2024

~ New: WhatsApp integration and integrations screen

~ New: Knowledge Base reset settings on LLM node

~ Improvement: Removed read node (Variables are now handled internally)

~ Bug Fix: Fixed panel scrollability

~ Bug Fix: Users not able to Logout

Mar 05, 2024

~ Bug Fix: Login page keeps loading after entering login details

~ Bug Fix: Dashboard crash while opening Learn Botstack

~ Bug Fix: Users not able to downgrade their plans

Mar 03, 2024

~ New: Collaboration avatars

~ New: Tooltips for nodes

~ New: Guided flow of tooltips for Learn Botstacks

~ New: Designer share popup (invite others to bot stack)

~ New: Knowledge base LLM settings

~ New: Collaboration web notifications

~ Bug Fix: Knowledge base preview is not giving correct results

~ Bug Fix: Missing Claude 2.1 Model in LLM Node

Feb 18, 2024

~ New: Anthropic models: Claude 1.2 Instant and Claude 2

~ New: New token calculation to support Anthropic models and streamline token calculations across all LLMs

~ New: Collaboration commenting feature: Add comments, Resolve comments, Quick view, Online User List

~ New: Commenting panel for single-look unresolved threads

~ New: Web assistant copy snippet button

~ New: Web assistant widget add custom avatar and launcher images

~ Improvement: Web widget UI/UX overhaul

~ Improvement: Assistant designer node selection panel redesigned

~ Improvement: Major redesign of colors to utilize new palette

~ Improvement: Combined bot and botstack node for simplicity

~ Improvement: Designer header redesigned navigation

~ Bug Fix: Getting started page link not working

~ Bug Fix: Start node edge case

~ Bug Fix: Viewer permissions not working

~ Bug Fix: Designer node deletion

Feb 03, 2024

~ New: Knowledge base MS document support (.docx only)

~ Improvement: Allowing editors edit access to botstacks (rather than viewer only)

~ Improvement: Restyled dashboard app alerts

~ Bug Fix: Starter plan upgrade option not working

Jan 31, 2024

~ New: Collaboration realtime editing feature

~ Bug Fix: Changes not properly saving on Assistant Designer

~ Bug Fix: New account registeration emails not sending

Jan 22, 2024

~ New: Alternate way for conversation start — web widget start trigger

~ New: Canned responses

~ Bug Fix: Login fixes for email address that is case sensitive

Jan 17, 2024

~ Improvement: Reworked how trials work in the event that a payment method is added, not added, trial expired, etc

~ Bug Fix: Email case sensitivity on Login page

~ Bug Fix: UI Fixes on Dashboard payment method page for trial