Our API layer relies on GraphQL. You can access all GraphQL API documentation in the playground. Look for the “Docs” and “Schema” tabs on the right edge of the playground.

GraphQL playground

Browse the GraphQL schema and execute queries and mutations right in the playground!


For every request, an API Key must be included in the request header. If your query or mutation requires a user context, you’ll also need a bearer token passed as the Authorization header.


All requests must include the X-Api-Key header. The API Key can be found in the dashboard for a particular project.

  "X-Api-Key": API_KEY

Logging in

To log in, use the login mutation. A successful login returns an Auth object containing the token. For subsequent calls that require a user context (which is most cases), pass the token as the Bearer token in the Authorization header.

  "Authorization": "Bearer your-token-here"